End Acne Outbreaks Today With These Natural Cures

Acne is unsightly and a great embarrassment at any age. But beyond this, it can cause serious life long scarring if you are not careful. Start using the following acne home remedies to help reduce your outbreaks.

Begin with a defense against skin issues by making sure you are getting enough Zinc along with other important nutrition. Zinc is a necessary mineral that is needed for the body to naturally heal itself and specifically for the health of your skin and nerve tissue. Good sources of zinc are fish, shell fish, eggs and whole grains like oatmeal, rye and barley and ground flaxseed.

Ginger reduces inflammation which plays a part in acne outbreaks. To help reduce those outbreaks mix one teaspoon of ground ginger into a cup of hot water and drink as a tea twice daily.

Tea tree oil is a very inexpensive essential oil and has been shown to be as effective as Benzoyl peroxide. It is a natural antimicrobial making it another one of the great acne home remedies.

Stress is a major contributor to acne. It activates the male hormone “androgen” (yes, even in women), which turns up the oil production of your skin. You must learn to reduce stress to deactivate this hormone. Meditation, exercise and quiet time spent in tranquil, natural settings are some examples of ways to reduce stress levels.

One of the great herbal acne home remedies is to mix one level teaspoon of slippery elm powder with enough echinacea tincture to make a thick paste. Mix until smooth. Apply the paste to the acne bump and place a round band aid over the pasted pimple and leave for 90 minutes, then remove.

Juice it. Mix 1 part ginger, 1 part beet juice, 3 part carrot juice, 1 part flax oil and 2 parts water. This will clear the complexion from the inside out and make your skin supple and healthy.

Harvard, Yale and other Universities have found that imagination can play a major role in healing. This includes healing acne outbreaks. Try using your mind to restore the health of your skin and rid it of unsightly pimples as one of your acne home remedies. While meditating, imagine you are floating up toward the sun. Imagine that the sun is filling you with the warmth and white light of creation. Your entire body is getting so warm you begin to sweat. As the sweat comes out of your body it brings with it all the toxins that are causing your acne. See the dark and yellow and brown ooze coming out. Feel your body releasing all the stress and build up of waste in your body. See it coming out. Imagine how refreshed you feel now that you are clean and healthy inside.

Acne is a natural part of teen life, but it is one that can be kept to a minimum with good healthy practices. Remember that healthy skin comes from a health body, mind and spirit.

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