Conceal Your Age Without Makeup – We Show You How

Nude makeup? That’s a really great concept, but it merely points to how we would want to look without makeup (while sometimes wearing a whole lot of concealers, foundation and powder to achieve that look).

Here’s an idea -how about taking some clever steps to really look ravishing with no makeup on? Let’s see how.

If you haven’t already guessed which direction we’re heading, it’s down the route of being healthy from the inside, and of course we’ll have to take good care of our skin from the outside too. It’s essentially about striking a good balance of proper diet combined with good skincare habits which include cleansing and moisturising. But wait, if it’s that simple, won’t we all be having picture-perfect skin by now? The answer to that is, yes. You could be having a complexion that’s worth a thousand compliments, but how many of us actually do take the important steps to make this happen?

So, how about we go through the following, fully comprehend them all, and get into the program, so to speak! And our mission? Younger-looking skin, even without makeup. Let’s do this!

What You Eat Shows On Your Skin Health
Eating is something we do everyday, yet most of us do it mindlessly, just to satisfy our hunger, without considering if what we’re putting into our bodies are healthy or otherwise. Did you know that if we put our mind to it, we can literally eat our way to better-looking skin?

Firstly, ensure that we have enough fruits and vegetables to your daily diet – most of us do not. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like flax seeds, walnuts and vitamin-enriched foods like oranges, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are also a must. As we need protein, you’ll have to ensure that foods like eggs, fish, meat, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas and cheese are somehow included. Remember to eat a variety of foods and try not to eat the same foods everyday -you may be losing out on valuable skin-beautifying nutrients in other foods. Tip: Keep a food diary and log in all the foods you should be eating and also what you have eaten in a day. That way, you can make comparisons from day to day, adding or omitting from the following day’s diet as needed.

Hydrate Your Body From The Inside
For this, water has always been best. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water helps flush out toxins from your body, keeping your skin healthier. It goes without saying that healthy skin ages more slowly than unhealthy skin. Drinking adequate amounts of water each day also helps to keep your body hydrated from the inside, which of course, will show on the outside.

If you just can’t bring yourself to down your water plain, try this: Fill up a bottle with fruits you love: apples, kiwi, berries, citrus, etc. Fill up the bottle with water and you’ll have some healthy, flavoured water. You can top up the water several times a day – it’ll still have most of its flavours.

Get To Bed – They Don’t Call It Beauty Sleep For Nothing
As humans, our bodies are able to rejuvenate and heal from the inside, so we’ll look healthy and glowing on the outside. However, it’s only when we’re in deep, restful sleep that we can go into this healing, repairing mode. Getting at least 6 hours of daily, restful sleep may sound simple enough, but hectic lifestyles are always getting in the way, isn’t it? To encourage better sleep, or rather, better beauty sleep, you’ll firstly have to understand and realise that sleep is not an option.

At a certain time, each night if possible, mentally and physically prepare yourself for bed. Setting up a routine will help get you started. Push everything else aside for the day – tell yourself the day has ended and tomorrow is a new day to either continue your chores or start again. Have a comforting shower or bath and start a night-time beauty routine if you haven’t already done so. Here’s another point to remember – your beauty lotions and potions work wonders on your skin while you’re asleep. Once you’re in bed, if sleep does not come easily, don’t give up. Instead, relax, wind down and pay attention to your breathing – you’ll soon be drifting into slumberland!

Exfoliate And Reveal Younger Skin
A good facial scrub can be your best friend when it comes to keeping your skin fresh and young. It sloughs away dead skin cells – cells that may not be removed as effectively by mere washing. Dead skin cells, when accumulated on the skin, makes your complexion dull and unattractive, so heed this advice and exfoliate well. Caution: Please only use facial scrubs made from gentle exfoliating agents, especially if you’re going to exfoliate every day. Also, do not neglect proper moisturisation afterwards, to seal in your skin’s precious moisture.

Set Up A Daily Skincare Routine And Stick To It!
If you’re serious about getting your complexion to look its very best, then the only thing standing in your way would be your willingness to stick to a good skincare routine each day. Firstly, ensure that your skincare products are meant for your skin type, and from a reputable brand. The following are the essential steps that you should take, twice daily, for simply better looking skin.

  • Cleanse: Remove dirt, grime and every scrap of makeup (if you’re using any), with a facial cleanser or wet tissue meant for this. Follow this step with a facial wash or exfoliator.
  • Tone: Use a good toner to help tighten those pores and to prime your skin for the next important skincare step.
  • Beautify: A good skin serum will make a huge difference in improving your skin! Choose one that will address your particular skin concern. Massage it using a circular motion, and don’t leave out any areas!
  • Moisturize: This important last step will not only help keep your skin’s moisture intact, but it also helps to seal in the goodness of your skin serum, preventing it from evaporating right out of your pores.

Skincare routines aren’t the easiest to stick to, especially after a late night out, or if you’re simply not in the mood. But trust us, if you do follow through diligently, you’ll soon see your skin transform from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’!

Use An Eye Cream Every Night
It’s never too early to take good care of the delicate area around your eyes to prevent dark circles and eye bags. It’s the area most women neglect and only try to take action when the damage has already been done. Every night, use a good eye cream or serum made especially for this purpose. Apply it according to the product’s directions each night before going to bed and you won’t regret it!

Tips for fresher-looking eyes
Don’t throw away your tea bags! Keep them in the fridge and whenever you have five minutes to spare, put your feet up, with a cool tea bag on each eye, take a short nap! This trick also works with cucumber slices as well!

Take Sun Protection Seriously
The Uv rays from the sun is your skin’s worst enemy – it can cause great damage, some even irreversible, to your complexion. While we all know that our skin makes Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, the trick here is to ensure that that exposure takes place only at certain times of the day. Our suggestion for safe times for sun exposure are:

  • Morning: Between 7.30am to 10am
  • Evening: No earlier than 5pm.
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