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If we could name one upper body part that’s constantly being neglected by us all when it comes to our respective beauty routines, it’s definitely the neck.

We apply layer after layer of beauty products such as masks, serums, moisturisers, etc, onto our face each morning and night, but somehow, our neck gets left out. Take a look at yours right now? Chances are it’s crying out for attention, so help it out, will you?

We’re not sure why, but many women, young or old, don’t seem to realise that the skin on their neck is just as important as the skin on their faces, especially when it comes to beauty care. It’s practically the next thing people notice after your face! And if we happen to love jewelry items such as chains with lockets or pretty necklaces, where do you think those items draw attention to? Your neck! So, if you’ve been neglecting the skin on your neck all this while, it’s time to turn it around and show it the loving care it’s longing for!

Beat That Text Neck Effect
Text neck is a modern term for a modern condition with almost every adult alive today, as long as they have a cell-phone. It is an unfortunate phenomenon due to our digital addictions—always looking down at our devices. Being in a constant bent neck position, or protracted position is harming not just our posture, but our skin as well.

As our neck is constantly being pulled out of alignment, it causes the muscles to take on a new shape. Our skin is affected too, due to all that tension and bunching which obstruct the flow of lymph and blood to the face. The more we keep looking down at our phones, the more harm we’re doing our skin – it’s as simple as that. Here are two simple ways to help yourself:

Resist the urge to keep looking down at your phone, especially if it’s merely to check your Instagram, Facebook, etc. If possible, keep it to one quick check, once every hour or longer if you can.

When you have to look at your phone, bring it up to your eye level instead of bending your neck. The latter is obviously easier to do, but the former will keep your text neck issue in check. Plus, the discomfort of holding the phone up for too long will deter you from the habit of looking at your phone for long periods of time.

Skincare For The Neck
Other than looking out for ingredients that may cause irritation, any good anti-aging product for the face will greatly benefit your neck! Also, in both Eastern and Western philosophies, it is said that it’s always best to work the neck first in facial massage. In fact, in terms of overall beauty of the face and neck, there really is no point of facial massages if the neck is not included.

Face Masks Are Great, But What About The Neck?
Who doesn’t love face masks? There are all sorts to choose from out there. Some of the best ones out there happen to be from the rinse-off variants, and the beauty of it is, you can use it on your face without having to undress. If you’re a fan of these kind of masks, chances are, you usually don’t include your neck, for the simple reason that you may have found it difficult or messy to try and rinse the product off your neck, compared to your face. For that reason too, your neck could be missing out on all that beautifying benefits it deserves! Solve that issue today by preparing a bowl of warm water and a clean face washcloth which you can use to gently wipe off the mask from your face. Dip the cloth into the warm water, squeeze off the excess water, and wipe off the mask from your neck. Rinse the cloth using water from your sink and repeat the procedure till all traces of your mask has been removed from the neck. See? No mess, and your neck finally gets the beautifying care it deserves!


Underneath the skin of our neck are crucially important lymph nodes as well as major veins and arteries. These carry blood and lymph to and from the head. Close to the neck are our thyroid and thymus glands, both of which help to moderate hormones and keep us alive and healthy! For most of us, the skin on our neck, seriously, needs more care than they’re getting.


Pucker up and release
The part of your neck that is suffering the most due to text neck syndrome is obviously the front, so try this: Stretch out the front of your neck to release the muscles there and allow for better blood and lymph flow, which will ultimately improve your skin. Look up to the ceiling slowly and move your jaw around. Then, after you’ve been in that position for a moment, pucker your lips. This movement draws the fascia and tissue upward, providing a huge release.

Gentler care
You can use facial products on your neck but decrease the frequency or intensity. The neck skin, like the skin around the eyes, is thinner and more sensitive. It might be a good idea to skip drying clay-based masks and acid-based products. Instead, try more natural ways to hydrate the skin on your neck for instance, using manuka honey. If you happen to experience pimples on your neck, consult your doctor for effective spot treatments that address only the pimples, and care for the rest of your neck the way you’re supposed to.

Sun protection: The neck needs it too!
Most of us, especially if we’re fans of Korean skincare routines, would have gotten used to putting sunscreen on our faces, but let’s face it, we rarely put any on our neck. If you happen to drive daily, chances are, one side of your neck (depending on the time you’re driving), will be getting more than its fair share of sunshine shining onto it. This will inevitably result in age spots, and when formed on the neck, they’re are more difficult to correct. In this aspect, it’s so much better to prevent, so slather on that sunscreen before stepping outside.

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